PTC Library

      PTC Library is one of the best Police library in India. This library had approximately 20,000 books. This library contains a vast collection of Law subjects, Investigation of various types of cases, Cyber crimes, Cyber Forensics, Forensics Science, Intelligence, Police Station Management,Malayalam fictions, English fictions, etc. This library is considered as a reference library and books mainly consist of Police Training, duties and responsibilities of police force, Rules and Laws regarding Kerala Police, Central Police Forces and Armed Forces. PTC Library also facilitated with numerous books on English and Malayalam Literature, Civil and Local Laws, Public Administration, Investigation, Psychology, Philosophy etc. to provide knowledge to recruits of Police Department and various other departments like Jail Department, Forest Department, Excise Department, RTO, Home Guard etc. Book lending service to Police Officers is also available in the library.This library has a collection of case diaries, Circulars, Commission Reports, Inspection Reports, Administration Reports and Station Visit Reports.

      This library is provided with 7 Malayalam and 3 English News Papers. 12 periodicals in Malayalam and English for readers. Library is kept opened from 9 AM to 6 PM.

      The library staff consisting of one Grade-I Librarian and 3 library assistants. The Senior Law Instructor-II is the supervisory Officer of PTC Library.