Kerala Police News Letter - 2018

      Kerala Police Newsletter is printing and publishing from the Police Training College since December 2002. From March 2013 to October 2017 publication of Newsletter is interrupted. November 2017 onwards re-publication of Newsletter is started as per the guidance and directions of Principal of PTC, Shri. K.Sethuraman IPS. It is the Official publication of Police Training College for training, teaching and discussing about the various Police subjects among the Police personals of Kerala Police. It is a monthly periodical which deals with informative and enlighting knowledge to the police personals about Investigation methods of various types of cases, law and order, Intelligence collection and Cyber related informations etc. Senior Law Instructor-II is leading the editorial team. One ASI and one SCPO are the other members of editorial team.

You can download a copy of Newsletters from below link:

No. Month Date
1/2018/PTC Newsletter of January 2018 from Police Training College 01-01-2018
2/2018/PTC Newsletter of February 2018 from Police Training College 01-02-2018
3/2018/PTC Newsletter of March 2018 from Police Training College 01-03-2018
4/2018/PTC Newsletter of April 2018 from Police Training College 01-04-2018
5/2018/PTC Newsletter of May 2018 from Police Training College 01-05-2018